Alumni + Europe

Alumni + Europa National Meeting
Alumni + Europe | © Photo: Goethe-Institut London
PASCH – creating a school to prepare us for life
PASCH-ALUMNI from Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland and Sweden meet and develop a concept for a European school.
A first national meeting took place on Friday 12th May 2017 in London.
The aim of this first meeting was to bring together PASCH-Alumni and introduce them to the topic of how to create a European school. The students were given guidelines and information to develop a concept about possible subjects, lesson format, location and structure of the school as well as European elements which transform it into a European school.
Divided into small groups, the ALUMNI worked on a first draft and will further develop their concepts to present final ideas in Berlin when all ALMUNI meet at the regional meeting. At the meeting in Berlin, all concepts of a European school will be presented and ideas exchanged. At the end the country with the best idea will be chosen as the “winning country”.