The Ecological Classroom at St Hilda’s CE School

Ecological Classroom © Goethe-Institut London
The Goethe-Institut in London is happy about the very successful workshop on the regional project of the region of northwest Europe hosted by the Goethe-Institut in Stockholm, Sweden that took place on October 9 2019 at St Hilda’s CE School in Liverpool.
The team from DenkGlobal! in Germany, constisting of Lisa and Max first did a workshop with year 10 on how to reduce waste in general, by e.g. examining different types of plastic bags in terms of their sustainability and also biodegradability, and also by working with Lisa and Max on different aspects of how to reduce the use of plastic in the future.

This theoretical part of the whole day on the main topic of waste and waste reduction was then followed by a more hands-on part, in which students from St Hilda’s created their own body cremes and peelings with natural ingredients only and no plastic involved at all.

In two groups they used coconut oil, natural oils made from plants and herbs and also sea salt to create their individual body cremes and peelings with exactly the scents they preferred. Since instead of a plastic casing glass was used, the amount of plastic used for these beauty products can be considerably reduced when making them at home. With Christmas approaching fast, these can not only be made at any time in the future with the recipe the students were provided for by the team of DenkGlobal! but the pretty little jars also make lovely presents for all their loved ones!