Science Workshops in German

Experiment Science Workshop
© Photo: Goethe-Institut London
In March this year the Goethe-Institut offered science workshops in German as part of the project “Challenging Assumptions”. Four scientists gave scientific input to the following topics: nature, health, electrical engineering and the universe. 

The workshops promote the concept of STEM teaching combined with German and are linked to core subjects which are part of the curricula in England. They inform students about the recent research projects of German scientists, showcase future prospects and focus on the topic of studying in Germany.

The organisation Native Scientist recruited German scientists and offered the workshops at the Goethe-Institut in London. The scientists are prepared to work with secondary school pupils who are in their 3rd year and above of studying German.

During the workshops the students are involved in different experiments (4 scientists work with 5 students each). Separated into small groups (speed-dating principle), they learn about new experiments and simultaneously study the German language. 

Here you can read some comments of teachers who visited the workshops with their students:

“Excellent day allowing students to develop their language skills in a relaxed environment. The interactive workshops allowed students to develop an understanding of the key terms at a fast rate.”

“I felt privileged for our children that they were able to come into such close contact with esteemed scientists and better yet, solely in German. Lovely lunch and time to network, too. Many thanks, would definitely repeat.”

If you are interested in seeing some scientific experiments, have a look here: