Umdenken - von der Natur lernen

Face with Leaf Texture Face with Leaf Texture | Photo: (c) kwasny221.Fotolia

The exhibition promotes the concept of STEM teaching combined with German and links core subjects which are part of the curricula in North West Europe.

In co-operation with the Native Scientists, a non-profit organisation, the Goethe-Institut London recruited German scientists and enabled many students - having visited the exhibition - to take part in scientific workshops (which dealt with key subjects of the actual exhibition).
The exposure to scientific workshops is the start of STEM Teaching combined with German. The positive feedback of the students shows that they enjoyed entering the world of science linked to German. The workshop which dealt with yoghurt (German: Quark) was a "must-have" as the students not only showed off their German skills and understood the production of Quark, but also tried the result.