An Interactive Game App for Teachers and Young Students aged 13-16
The German Quiz Challenge

German Quiz Challenge © Goethe-Institut

Key Benefits

1. An easy to use game connecting teachers & learners.

1. An easy to use game connecting teachers & learners.

Use the interactive app through computers or mobile devices to play in the physical and virtual classroom.

2. Track and monitor student learning progress.

2. Track and monitor student learning progress.

Integrate the game as a fun resource alongside the curriculum to monitor performance and track language learning progress.

3. Learn and win, zusammen.

3. Learn and win, zusammen.

Challenge your students, increase concentration, comprehension skills, and foster a healthy competition and team spirit.

Are your pupils learning German? Are they between 13 and 16 years old? Bring the thrill of an innovative quiz game, the keenness to learn, an increase in quality of your German lessons, all in one new interactive game app, straight to your classes.

The German Quiz Challenge (GQC) is a new learning tool brought to you by the Goethe-Institut London in partnership with Ovos, designed for German teachers and secondary school level pupils (13 to 16) to learn German in a fun and interactive way - using computers, smartphones and tablets, the devices of today.

Through the game, each student gets to read, write, listen and engage with the story, as well as enter a series of challenges where they play as part of a team. The GQC app automatically tracks individual performance and analyses teams' scores, making it easy for teachers to implement an exciting game to play along the GCSE curriculum as well as in private learning environments.

How It Works

The game can be accessed through any computer browser and the app can be installed on smartphones and tablets from the links below, allowing students to follow the story of five young skateboarders in Munich, showing scenarios and situations relevant to them including music, culture, the environment and everyday life activities.

Getting started is easy, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Register your teacher account on
  2. Set-up a new game session choosing the appropriate blueprint for the game. The session will provide you with an activation code.
  3. Invite your students to download the app on their devices, get them to register, create their profiles and pick their team.
  4. Share the activation code to start the game. Now, the class is ready to play and learn.

The German Quiz Challenge

Game Access

Teacher registration via browser:

App registration and game:
For iOS
For Android

Each game session is expected to last about 35 mins. They will be overseen, started and ended by the teacher; each player uses an avatar and nickname to guarantee anonymity. Challenge your students!
Through the game, students can increase concentration, comprehension skills, foster a healthy competition and team spirit through shared experiences.

Check the Supporting Materials

The game comes with a number of supporting materials designed by the Goethe-Institut for teachers. Make sure you have read them before your first game.

Watch our tutorial:


If you have any questions, get in touch with us by e-mail

Play in the Physical or the Virtual Classroom

The game is a stress- and hassle-free tool designed to help German language teachers motivate and monitor classes of two or more students and in any context. With a clean and clear user interface that’s easy to understand, the application is accessible for everyone, even for the not so tech-savvy users.

The GQC can be enjoyed in traditional physical classroom settings, as well as remotely, within the setting of a virtual classroom using online video platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Teams. Consult the supporting materials to learn more about how to play the game remotely.

Test the Game with us!

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Or watch our talk from the 2020 Virtual Language Show:GQC Presentation at The Language Show 2020


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