Literacy Training

This exciting project "Lesekiste" aims to motivate pupils from P6 to S3 to take part in a "Reading-Marathon" and to tackle books in German. 

A great variety of books from stories to maps and cooking recipes invite young learners to explore the target language and its culture, to find information, inspiration and ideas, to peruse a foreign world and to have fun along the way. 

This box contains more than 40 fictional, non-fictional and picture books, with great stories, interesting information and 'easy Readers' (short stories for learners of German). The "Lesekiste" is accompanied by worksheets to compile a reading-portfolio, short descriptions and a comprehensive inventory. 

The "Lesekiste" is available on loan for approximately 5 weeks at a time. 

To arrange dates and transport please contact our library:



Teacher Services Department
Goethe-Institut Glasgow
Tel. +44 141 3322555