German Outdoors

Taster sessions in German for primary pupils (P3 – P6) are now offered by the Goethe-Institut. The workshops combine learning a language with elements of outdoor education. The programme for each teaching unit is tailored to the age of the pupils and is for learners with no or very little knowledge of German.
Outdoor learning provides a valuable, often non-competitive learning environment as well as an opportunity to develop independence and self-confidence. Learning in the outdoors re- enforces a positive attitude to education and encourages young people to take greater responsibility for their own learning. The outdoor environment can be a highly motivational place for the development of communication skills. Research has shown that children's use of language is five times greater outdoors than indoors.

The workshops are focused on active learning in an outdoor environment. Pupils will be challenged to participate in physical and imaginative play and learning, as well as interactive games with the use of German vocabulary. They will get the opportunity of big scale play, problem solving and games and will experience team as well as individual learning.
Hosting 'German Outdoors'
The outdoor areas we aim to use could be the school grounds, a local park, or nearby woodland. This does not involve a long journey, cost or high risk activity. 

Workshop Leader Andrea Fisher is a social worker with experience in working with children and young people. Her recent focus has been on outdoor learning; she is trained in Forest School Level 1 and 2 and has been running outdoor learning clubs for a few years. "Outdoor education and learning a language is a perfect combination for school children of all ages."


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