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eTwinning project on ecology by Farlingaye High School and partner schools in the UK and Europe

© eTwinning/Simone Pfliegel

Stefanie Green from Farlingaye High School came up with a very creative short project on how to integrate the eTwinning platform into her teaching of German during lockdown. She was working with partners from the UK, Slovenia and Turkey on her ideas of how to be more environmentally friendly with students who would like to choose German as one of their A-level subjects.

The students and teachers from the respective countries first got to know each other and their schools before sharing their favourite vegan recipes from their home countries. Then everybody designed their own questionnaire concerning their tips on how to become more environmentally friendly in general before sharing their own environmental footprint with every project partner and commenting on how to improve the outcome.

Everybody was really excited about this first ever chance to work together on a European level in a digital way on improving their German skills on a topic embedded in the UK curriculum.

With a bigger project for both the PASCH schools and other schools teaching German in the UK starting in October 2020, Stefanie’s project was the ideal forerunner.
Many thanks for Stefanie and the very enthusiastic students from Farlingaye High School for taking up this new format with us!