STEM and German with Native Scientist

STEM and German with Native Scientist © Karen Newton The Goethe-Institut in London has taken on responsibility for a regional project in Northwestern Europe for an initiative with STEM and the German language in the PASCH schools that will be implemented in all of the schools taking part in this project from November 2018 until March 2019.

Along with their partners from Native Scientist, native German scientists who are residents in the respective countries of the region, and selected PASCH schools of these countries, the Goethe-Institut London aims at enabling the students in these schools to broaden their horizons in various STEM subjects by combining STEM with the German language. The scientist in charge of the relevant experiment will visit the PASCH school after the students have conducted it with their German and a science teacher of the STEM subject. In some cases, the scientists will meet the students via Skype rather than visit the school in person so that all of the students can discuss their findings and the experiment as whole with interesting topics such as exploring other planets in Physics or the diverse qualities of cells when examined under two different microscopes.