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DLL Regional Courses in Northwestern Europe© Goethe-Institut

Regional Courses in Northwestern Europe
DLL - Deutsch Lehren Lernen

Deutsch Lehren Lernen (DLL) is the Goethe-Institut’s practical continuing education and professional development series based on the latest didactical research.

DLL focuses on the German language classroom whether that is in Primary, Secondary or Adult Education and deals with the key players and fundamental elements of lessons. With the DLL approach, traditional topics such as language skills, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, literature, classroom formats, etc.are integrated into a competence-driven teaching concept. 

With our regional DLL courses you will have the opportunity to share and refresh your specialist knowledge with German teachers from the Northwestern Europe region (Ireland, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands). You will gradually develop your professional skills by trying out new things and reflecting on your own teaching. Take part in this blended-learning format from the comfort of your own home while being accompanied by experienced DLL Tutors.

In our online brochure you will find all information about the programme Deutsch Lehren Lernen® in an interactive format:
An insight into DLL

Our Autumn Courses 2022

Application Deadline: 12.09.2022

Kurs Datum
DLL 6:
DaF für Curriculare Vorgaben und Unterrichtsplanung
19.09. – 13.11.2022
DLL 7:
Prüfen, Testen, Evaluieren
19.09. – 13.11.2022
DLL 10:
DaF für Jugendliche
19.09. – 13.11.2022

Our Winter Courses 2022

Applications now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for our winter courses 2022.
Dates for courses in 2023 will be published soon.

Course Date
DLL 1: Teaching Skills and Planning Lessons 17.01. – 15.03.2022
DLL 4: Assignments, Exercises and Interaction 17.01. – 15.03.2022
DLL 8: German as a Foreign Language (DaF) for Children 17.01. – 15.03.2022

Our Spring Courses 2022

Applications now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for our winter courses 2022.
Dates for courses 2023 will be published soon.

Kurs Datum
Wie lernt man die Fremdsprache Deutsch?
25.04. – 19.06.2022
Deutsch als fremde Sprache

25.04. – 19.06.2022
Lehr- und Lernmedien
25.04. – 19.06.2022

DLL Regional Courses NWE

DLL units will be taught online in the Northwestern Europe region. The participants will work together in international groups (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) on Praxiserkundungsprojekte (Practical Exploration Projects or PEPs) which will further their methodological-didactic skills and foster intercultural exchange. The professional development programme will be offered in modules.

DLL focuses on the skills and competencies needed for teaching and builds upon them. DLL provides numerous examples from real teaching practice in the form of interviews with teachers, examples of teaching materials or lesson plans as well as video recordings of lessons. Practical Exploration Projects encourage reflective experiential learning and allow for new perspectives of teaching.
  • The course lasts 8 weeks
  • Participants receive support from 2 DLL tutors during the entire training program
  • All activities take place online courses are supported through Online-Live Sessions
  • The Practical Exploration Project (PEP) will take place in groups in weeks 7-8
  • In week 8 you incorporate these into your teaching. Ideally you will be teaching during this time. If not, please let your DLL tutor know at the start of the course
  • There are 4 Online-Live sessions
  • You can join the Online-Live sessions from your computer at home, you would just need a stable internet connection, a headset with a microphone and headphones as well as a camera
  • Before the first Online-Live session you wil have an individual technical set-up check
  • The weekly workload amounts to c. 5 hours
  • All activities take place online
  • There are both compulsory and optional activities
  • Some activities will be done in group work, but you can work on these at different times.
  • The groups will consist of teachers from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland)
  • There will be 2 Portfolio activities, in which you will receive specific support and guidance in how to implement the new content in practice.

In order to receive a confirmation of attendance you must: 
  • have completed all compulsary activities
  • have taken part in 4 Online-Live Sessions
  • have planned a PEP in a group, implemented it in your teaching, presented it to your teaching colleagues and to other participants in an Online-Live Session
Course book:
A printed copy of the course book is available for each DLL module. You can purchase the book through the Goethe-Institut London at GBP 25.00 incl. shipping fee.
However, it is not necessary to use the print edition in order to complete the course.
DLL is aimed at German as a Foreign Language (DaF) instructors in primary schools, secondary schools, and in adult education programs in Northwestern Europe (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland).

DaF instructors without formal training can also build their knowledge from one of the DLL units. Knowledge of German must be at the B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

The DLL units are particularly encouraging if you are already teaching, have teaching experience or have undertaken internships or observed German teaching. 

If there are more applicants than spaces then priority will go to German teachers who have less professional experience (fewer than 4 years).
The application fee for each DLL course is £150.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship for the application fee, please contact  dll-nwe@goethe.de.

If your scholarship application is successful, we will refund your application fee of £150 after you have successfully completed the course. 

The application fee can not be refunded or put towards another course.

What our participants say

Contact in UK

Manuela Vogelgesang
Tel. +44 20 7596 4037