Poster exhibition "Inventions from Germany"
German for Young People

Inventions from Germany Inventions from Germany | © Goethe-Institut London
The poster exhibition "Inventions from Germany" puts German scientific inventions into the context of historical and modern discoveries. The exhibition includes 16 posters in A1 format from seven different scientific areas:

- communication - optics
- energy - materials
- mobility - medicine
- computer science - overview of study opportunities in Germany

Each topic is accompanied by two posters with a visual presentation and the corresponding theoretical context. To maximize the learning potential of the exhibition, you can download teaching materials for the classroom, compiled in accordance with the applicable language level:
There is a website to accompany the exhibition which provides further information and activities.
Under the ‘Inventions’ category you will find important scientific inventions briefly introduced and accompanied by videos (further videos from the exhibition can be found via the ‘Media Library’ on the webpage).
The ‘Study and Research’ category provides information on research institutions and funding opportunities for students.
Additionally, there are games which can be used in the classroom to increase motivation.
The poster exhibition can be borrowed by schools for up to three weeks. The only cost for schools is the return postage. Please note that the exhibition needs to be returned to us within one week after the end of your booked period. For every additional day we charge £2.
If you would like to book the exhibition please drop us an email with two date suggestions and your school address: