Meet the Germans
German for Young People

Meet the Germans and find out what’s so typical about them

  Currywurst Currywurst | Photo: © Fotolia

Portraits, interviews and a blog – Explore what’s so typical about the Germans
With this website you can explore what’s typical of Germany and German society. You will be introduced to German people in different walks of life and will find out what lies behind various German habits. Read portraits and interviews of people worth knowing and Rory MacLean’s blog from Berlin.

Materials for Self-Study and Learning
Meet the Germans offers digital materials for self-study and learning at A2 and B1 level. Video-, audio- and reading materials provide different aspects of the German culture in an entertaining and interactive way. Language learners have the opportunity to expand their cultural knowledge and further their language skills through cross medial and authentic materials. Themes include Youth, Migration and Integration, German History, Football and many other interesting topics.

All materials are available free of charge. Just visit the Meet the Germans website.