Poster exhibition "Märchenwelten"
German for Children

Fairytale Poster Exhibition Fairytale Poster Exhibition | Photo: © Märchenwelten, Design h13A

“Once upon a time…” - everybody knows the magic words for entering the world of fairy tales. Whether listening to the stories as a child or reading them in later life, fairy tales have always fascinated both young and old.

The famous fairy tale collection by the Brothers Grimm is a well-known and timeless classic all over the world. The Goethe-Institut London is offering a touring exhibition consisting of fairy tale posters and teaching materials to British schools.

The exhibition consists of nine laminated posters in A1-format and introduces the most common motifs which arise in German fairy tales. 

Themes are

  • brave heroines and heroes
  • animals in fairy tales
  • the ever-present, but always defeated evil and
  • creepy characters
  • fantastical quests
  • incredible magic 
Classic fairy tale images are combined with contemporary youth and pop culture references.

The Goethe-Institut London is offering three sets of the touring exhibition. They can be borrowed by schools for up to three weeks. The only cost for schools is the return postage. Please note that the exhibition needs to be returned to us within one week after the end of your booked period. For every additional day we charge £2.

If you would like to book the exhibition please drop us an email with two date suggestions and we will come back to you:
Schools also have the option to borrow one of 10 recent fairy tale movies to accompany the exhibition. Please click here to find more information on these movies.