Work Shadowing Work Shadowing in Schwäbisch Hall

Teilnehmer am Hospitationsprogramm in Schwäbisch Hall 2017 © Foto: Goethe-Institut London

Fri, 16.03.2018 -
Fri, 15.06.2018

We are pleased to announce a one week work shadowing visit from 20 October to 27 October 2018 to Schwäbisch Hall in Germany.

The participants should be between 16 and 17 years old with at least GCSE-level German and will have the opportunity to experience work in a small or medium sized German company. They will also have language tuition and guidance on Germany today as well as short excursions in the local surroundings.

A number of companies and organisations in Schwäbisch Hall would be very happy to host a student for the work shadowing. To ensure a suitable placement we would like to have some information about the pupil’s level of German. Therefore they need to write a short piece in German (maximum 150 words, please use the registration form provided) about why the work shadowing in a German company will be useful to them.

Only digital entries will be accepted. In order to apply for the work shadowing visit it will be necessary to secure permission from legal representatives as well as teachers. The form containing the declaration of permission by the legal representative of the participant needs to be submitted together with the application.

To take part in the visit students need to fill in the forms below and send them together with their text in German to:
The deadline for applications is 15 June 2018.

The visit is supported by the “Friends of the Goethe-Institut London”.

Alumni Meeting Participants 2017

On 12 May, we welcomed the Alumni of last year’s work shadowing visit to Schwäbisch Hall for a reunion at the Goethe-Institut London to share their experiences and the impact of their visit to Germany with the Friends of the Goethe-Institut London.

The feedback from the students as well as from parents and teachers was very positive and we are looking forward to the next work shadowing visit from 20 October to 27 October 2018 to Schwäbisch Hall in Germany.