Makeathon Deutsch Digital 2020

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Wed, 13.05.2020 -
Fri, 15.05.2020



Due to the current situation, the Makaethon in Berlin is postponed until further notice. We are working on alternative arrangements and will update you on details on our website, newsletter and social media channels.

Four places available for Scotland!
Contemporary German as a foreign language education in a digitized world
"We can still make school old-fashioned with digital media." (Jöran Muuß-Merholz)
There are different opinions on what good media-based foreign language teaching should look like in the 21st century. In 2020, seven Goethe-Institutes in Northwest Europe will be carrying out a project that deals with this problem and wants to address the following questions:
Does digitalisation enable customized learning opportunities? Do digital learning opportunities motivate German learners? Should modern foreign language teaching be project-oriented and multidisciplinary? Does the use of technical devices such as tablets automatically make teaching modern? Does internal differentiation work better with digital media? Does foreign language teaching contribute to the development of media literacy?
The aim of our project is the development of digitally supported, task- and action-oriented teaching scenarios for German lessons. Applications such as Virtualy/Augmented/Mixid Reality as well as interactive (learning) content (e.g. with H5P) should be meaningfully included.
The highlight of the project is a multi-day Makeathon (from 13 to 15 May 2020) in Germany. During the Makeathon, you will work with German teachers from the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Norway to develop scenarios for your German lessons with the support of experts. After the Makeathon, you will try out the teaching scenario you have co-developed in your German lessons.
Would you like to be part of the Makeathon and develop teaching scenarios together with other German teachers? Apply until February 28, 2020!

Please send us an email to providing your name and school address together with a cover letter.

Describe briefly in the cover letter (max. 1 A4 page) and if possible with concrete examples:

1. to what extent digital teaching and learning is reflected in your German lessons and

2. Why you want to participate in the Makeathon.

If the application is successful, the Goethe-Institut will cover the following costs:
- Travel expenses to/from the conference location
- 3 nights
- Breakfast, Lunch & 1 Dinner
- Participation fee