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The Smart Choice:
German at Primary
Schools in the UK

Learning a foreign language is a key feature of the National Curriculum in primary schools now. That is why the Goethe-Institut is here to help primary schools with free extensive support and advice about teaching German.

We offer a brochure for headteachers which points out the advantages of teaching and learning German at primary schools in the UK. It lists key reasons why German is an excellent choice and introduces the teaching material Felix and Franzi developed by the Goethe-Institut for UK primary school teachers who have little or no initial German. Furthermore, the brochure shows the attainment targets in the first year of German achievable with the Goethe-Institut’s scheme of work.

You can dowload our brochure for headteachers here:
Information for Headteachers
For a free print copy of the brochure please e-mail

As a quick introduction to German in primary schools we have also created a short 10-minute film for you about how easy it is to include German in the timetable. The video is totally free and you can watch it online.

The film will also explain why German is an excellent choice. Not only has it been found that an early start in foreign language learning will develop the linguistic competences and intercultural abilities and learning strategies of young pupils. It is fun, too.

But the long-term advantage is that especially German offers amazing career prospects for British pupils. About 4.500 German companies operate in the UK creating more than 450.000 jobs. On top of that, a large amount of British companies name Germany one of their most important trading partners.

Did you know that the Goethe-Institut provides teaching materials, language training and advice for free? Please contact us if you would like to be supported with your language learning programme.

You can also order the film in our online-shop for free.

Besides the promotional video we also offer the booklet German at Primary Schools in the UK free of charge. The brochure is a great tool to make the case for German on parent evenings and language days. You can order individual copies or whole class sets in our online shop.

For free lesson plans follow this link:
German with Felix and Franzi

Also available:
The Smart Choice: German at Secondary Schools in the UK -
a similar film prepared for the secondary audience