Blended Learning Courses

Blended Learning at the Goethe-Institut © Goethe-Institut

Your Goal

Do you want to learn German and have high standards and expectations, but only have a limited amount of time? Are you used to learning on a computer, but don’t want to miss out on the advantages of a face-to-face classroom environment? Would you like to have greater flexibility to choose learning times that work for you?

What is blended learning?

Why do these courses only meet for 90 minutes a week? You will learn just as much in a blended learning course as in one our fully face-to-face courses. The three hours a week of learning is divided into two parts:

  1. 90 minutes a week of live group classes
  2. 90 minutes of independent online learning

What is independent online learning?

50% of a blended learning course consists of independent online learning.

You will have access to our online platform, where you will find the online portion of the course. This section of online learning includes engaging learning activities, online flash cards to study vocabulary, and summary sheets of all important grammatical structures and phrases you will encounter. 

Your instructor will assign weekly exercises intended to be completed at your own pace within a given week. These exercises will prepare you for your online live sessions in which you will meet with your class. 

Most online activities will involve working individually, but will also include interactive tasks where you will engage with the entire learning group. These group activities may include posting about your hobbies, interests or upcoming events while also engaging with classmates by leaving comments on their posts.  

How long is a blended learning course?

Standard blended courses are 16 weeks. Intensive blended courses are 8 weeks. 

What do I need to participate

  1. A Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer. We do not recommend using tablets, cell phones, or other mobile devices for this course.
  2. A dedicated headset (headphones and microphone). If you use the built-in speakers and microphone on your laptop, you and other students in your class may experience an undesirable echo effect.
  3. To join an online live session you need either log in via the Adobe Connect app (free download) or the Google Chrome browser.
  4. All required course materials for your blended learning course will be made available online free of charge.

How will live classes meet during the Covid-19 pandemic?

All live classes will be held online with Adobe Connect, which you can use for free as a download.

If the situation in Scotland sufficiently improves , your live classes will move back to being held at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow for the remainder of the course.