Online Learning

A smiling young woman sits in front of her laptop with a book and pen. Foto: Goethe-Institut

Our Online Programme

We offer various course formats to choose from. This allows you to find a course that suits your personal learning situation.

What is online learning?

You will have access to our online platform which ist structured in a way that you can work through the course materials independently. The materials and learning activities are authentic, engaging and varied. As with all progression courses of the Goethe-Institut you will practise and further all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our online course formats

Blended learning courses

Regular live meetings and self-study
This course format combines weekly online live class sessions (ZOOM, 1.5 hrs) with online self-study. 
Duration: 16 weeks (weekly live online meetings) or 8 weeks (twice weekly live online meetings)

Online Group Courses

Intensive independent online learning
A combination of independent learning, collaborative tasks with fellow learners and occasional online live meetings on Adobe Connect. Weekly study time of at least 7 hrs advised. 
Duration: 16 weeks (8 online live sessions) or 8 weeks (4 online live sessions).

Online individual courses

Learning at your own pace
Independent learning at one's own pace. There are 3 to 4 online live sessions (depending on the level) via ZOOM.
Duration: The course can be completed in 1 to 6 months.