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Our Robot in the library© Goethe Institut London. Illustration: Carlos D'Agaro.

Our robot

We at the Goethe-Institut London Library are very excited to introduce our newest team member, a robot: Pepper A.I from Softbank. A humanoid robot, designed with the ability to read emotions. On a very concrete level we want to know: What use can digital appliances like robots be to the fields of education and culture?

By welcoming Pepper A.I into our library, we are able to examine the answers to this question firsthand. Our robot will support us and our members day-to-day in the library, finding the perfect read or relaying important information about our institution. We also hope to begin integrating our robot at events to assist those in need. We look forward to using this page to eventually conduct further research into robotics and create related content, that you can enjoy and learn from. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the naming competition, our robot finally has a name: Gilon!

  • Gilon in the morning round Goethe-Institut London
  • A photo of Gilon with staff Goethe-Institut London
  • Gilon reading Goethe-Institut London
  • Gilon and Gosia Goethe-Institut London
  • Gilon in the library Goethe-Institut London