Gas Supply Contract

Call for Tender

Gas Supply, 2 year contract

The Goethe-Institut London is issuing a call to tender for a contract to supply gas to the Goethe-Institut in London.
Start of contract:  01.05.2023 or sooner
Duration: 01.05.2023–30.04.2025, with an option to renew for a maximum of another two years.
Location London, South Kensington
MPAN no. M040A0063209D6
Estimated Use: 280,000 kWh per annum

If more than one tender is received, then we will award the contract applying the following criteria: price (80 %), green energy (20%).


Please send your tender by e-mail to the following address:
and put only the following words in the subject line:
Mails thus marked will only be opened after the end of the tender period.

Please include the following information:
For Year one, Year two, optional for Year three and Year four
  • Standing charge: price per day before any discounts, without VAT
  • Unit charge per kWh: price before any discounts, without VAT
  • Any discounts on offer (for example for direct debit payments)
We are happy to answer any queries you may have by e-mail. Please note that the reply will also be posted to this website and to any competitors who may have indicated their interest. Please send to

No negotiations will be entered into. If you are sending in more than one offer then the last received only will be opened.

Your offer must be received by 21.04.2023, 10:00

The time stamp on your mail for the time received will count.

This deadline is an exclusion period. Documents received late can no longer be considered unless the tendering company can prove that they are not responsible for the delay.
We intend to make our decision by 26.04.2023, and will inform unsuccessful bidders. The contractor is bound to their offer until 02.06.2023.