Internships in Glasgow

The Goethe-Institut Glasgow offers full-time internships (in general 12 weeks in duration) to German students.  These should form a mandatory part of their degree course and students should be in at least their 3rd semester.

You will get an insight into the work of the Goethe-Institut - at least in part - participating in planning and implementation of cultural programmes, carrying out tasks in the Language Course Office, Teacher Services Department, Library and Information Services or Administration Department.

Applicants should phrase their interest in such a way that a connection with the Goethe-Institut's work becomes apparent.

Please apply using the Online Application Form (in German).

Further Information for Interns

Please note that due to the Corona crisis we do not offer internships during 2021 until further notice.

To complete an internship at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow applicants are required to:
  • Be enrolled on a university degree course (in at least the 3rd semester; however course not yet completed), please consult details under 'Departments and Activitities'
  • complete a mandatory internship which forms part of the degree course
  • Have very good German language skills as well as valid residence permit
  • Have good knowledge of the English language
  • Have a particular interest and some experience in the chosen department
  • Have an interest in all areas of the Goethe-Institut and be willing to undertake routine tasks.
  • Have knowledge of current Microsoft Office software
  • By applying for an internship the applicant assures that the internship confirmation handed out by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is acceptable to the applicant's home university as part of their individual  degree course.
Before applying, please consult the section 'Positions, duration and dates'.

We offer internship in the following departments:
  • Language department
  • Culture department
  • Information and library department
  • Administration department
An interest in the relevant department of the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is crucial. We regret that we cannot offer internships in any other areas (i.e. language teaching)

Language department

The language department of the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is made up of two different areas: the language courses and exams operation and the Teacher Services department.
Language Course Office
The Language Course department organizes German courses of all levels for adults and runs exams which are recognized worldwide. We advise customers on courses and exams in person, over the phone and via email. We also create promotional and educational material.
Teacher Services department

The purpose of the Teacher Services department is to promote the teaching of German as a foreign language in Scotland in primary and secondary schools as well as within universities and adult education. To this end, we work together with Scottish, German, Austrian and Swiss partners as well as representatives of other European countries. We sit on committees, cooperate on projects, implement language policy, plan training courses, put on events, distribute teaching materials, advise teachers, run an information service, create promotional materials and provide information over the internet.

In the language department interns are given the chance to:
  • Get an insight into the language course department e.g. by helping with course enrollment, customer service und the Institut’s centralized examinations
  • Create promotional materials and, if required, teaching materials
  • Help plan and carry out supplementary activities for language course participants
  • Take part in language department meetings
  • Experience different events depending on the period of the internship
  • Contribute to certain areas of focus, taking on their own set of duties to be carried out independently
  • Be involved in the promotional work of the department (exhibitions, comptetitions etc.) if they take place during the internship period.
  • To be involved in events and interaction with school pupils as well as supervision of pupils
We expect our interns to:
  • Have started a university degree (being in at least in their 5th semester, not yet graduated)
  • Have an interest in education policy, teaching and didactics
  • Knowledge of foreign language didactics and methodology
  • To be willing to take on office and organizational actitivites as well as editorial tasks and specific project work
  • Very good English language skills
  • Very good ICT skills (MS Office: confident use of Excel and PowerPoint), experience with layout and graphics packages would be an advantage
  • Be willing to work flexible hours
We would like to point out that it is not possible to complete a teaching internship with us: interns will not teach in lessons.

Information & Library Department

The Information and Library department is responsible for looking after the Goethe-Institut’s Glasgow online presence including social media, the running of the library, answering enquiries, our cultural programme in the area of literature and for diverse events for our language course students and other learners of German.

Due to the current situation, for the first half of 2021 our work is exclusively taking place digitally.

Interns in the Information and Library department can:
  • Gain an insight into the Goethe-Institut's information service activities
  • Support the Institut’s social media activities
  • Play a part in the implementation of the library's online events
  • Support the maintainance of the online portal
  • Contribute in designing new digital formats for various projects
  • Advise those interested in the German language and carry out independent research
  • Contribute to the running of a German foreign language library
We expect our interns to:
  • Be competent in both English and German, spoken as well as written
  • Possess basic knowledge in communication and digital media or information management
  • Have an affinity to social media (especially Instagram, also Twitter and Facebook)
  • Be prepared to work flexible hours
  • Be willing to complete routine tasks and cooperate with other departments of the Institute
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Experience in creating graphics and editorial content for social media would be desirable

Culture Department

As part of its cultural collaboration work the Goethe-Institut facilitates dialog, meetings and exchange between artists and academics from Germany and Scotland concerning developments and tendencies of significant importance. This is enabled particularly by the cultural events programme organised by the Goethe-Institut and its cultural partners but also through informal meetings with the country’s artists and intellectuals. The focus of the Cultural Programming department is contemporary culture from Germany.

In the Cultural Programming department we offer interns:
  • An insight in to the drafting and implementation of German-British cultural collaboration
  • The opportunity to assist with the preparation and execution of the cultural programme in the areas of exhibitions, film and media, music, dance and theatre
  • Where possible, the opportunity to take on individual tasks to be completed largely independently
We expect from our interns:
  • To have begun a university degree course (being in at least the 5th semester but not yet graduated)
  • Good knowledge of the German culture scene
  • Very good English skills
  • Willingness to complete routine tasks
  • Willingness to work flexible hours

Administration Department

The administration department of a Goethe-Institut is responsible for the areas of finance (budgeting), controlling, personnel management and support, personnel and contract law as well as property administration. Students or graduates of public or business administration may apply.

Interns in the administration department will gain an insight in to these tasks through involvement in:
  • Planning, developing and monitoring the budget of a Goethe-Institut
  • Human resources including contract drafting and wage and salary calculation
  • Building maintenance and facility management
  • Deployment planning, personnel management and development
  • Accounting with the aid of ERP systems (SAP) as well as the Goethe-Institut’s cash manangement system/finances generally
  • Structures and procedures of the organization
Interns in the administration department stand out by having:
  • A willingness to contribute practically to administration, service and organizational tasks
  • Experience with IT applications (Microsoft Office and SAP amongst others)
  • Being open, sociable and able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Good English language skills
  • Willingness to work flexible hours and to take on routine tasks
Please note that due to the Corona crisis we currently do not offer internships in 2021, until further notice.

The Goethe-Institut Glasgow offers full-time internships (in general 12 weeks in duration) to German students.  These should form a mandatory part of their degree course and students should be in at least their 3rd semester.

Please adhere to our 'application procedure' on the relevant pages.

(List updated in March 2021)
So that we can reach a decision quickly and smoothly, we would ask you to comply with the following procedure:
  1. Carefully read the following guidelines and determine if an internship is suitable for you, if you fulfill the Geothe-Institut's needs and if you are prepared to comply with the given conditions
  2. Fill out the online application form in German

Please attach these additional documents to your application:
  • CV
  • a reference from a lecturer or professor.
If you have problems sending these documents with the online application form, these can also be sent via post or email to:

Goethe-Institut Glasgow
3, Park Circus
Glasgow G3 6AX

Due to the large number of internsip applications, we advise you to plan your internship well in advance. Please send us your application around 6 months before the period in which you wish to complete the internship or according to the guidelines listed in the table ‘positions, duration and dates’
A remuneration of €300 gross per calendar month is paid for internships of at least 4 weeks. This is an expense allowance which is to be used principally to cover partial travel and accommodation expenses. For periods of internships which do not cover a whole month, a pro rata payment will be made. The expense allowance will only be paid for internships lasting at least 4 weeks.

We ask applicants to clarify before you start your internship that you are fully covered by your health insurance provider in Germany. Please check that you also have accident insurance for the duration of your internship.

Please also note when making plans that living costs in Scotland are higher than in Germany.

Applicants should seek to arrange travel and accommodation for the internship in good time. The Goethe-Institut can only offer support in the form of tips on flat-hunting and travel but cannot offer any additional financial support outside of the monthly expense allowance.
Arriving from Glasgow International airport to Glasgow city centre

Busses go every 10 mintures from outside the terminal building at bus stop 1. Travel time: approx. 20 minutes

Glasgow Airport Express Service 500

The following website offers all necessary information regarding arrival as well as further information for your stay in Scotland:


Further information about getting to the Institut can be found on our website here:


Travel grants from the DAAD
The German Academic Exchange Service offers, under specific conditions, travel grants for internships of over 2 months in duration. After being accepted for an internship we send a confirmation letter which must be enclosed with applications to the DAAD.

DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Please be aware in advance that living costs here are somewhat more expensive than in Germany. Although we can in some cases be of some help in finding a place to live, interns are ultimately responsible for finding their own accommodation.

We could potentially enquire about free rooms with landlords/guest families on your behalf with due notice. Please be aware, however, that we take no responsibility for the outcome of such enquiries. It may be the case that you have to get in direct contact with the landlord; we can provide you with the contact details.

If you would prefer to live with people of your own age, a flat or house share would definitely be more suitable. Advertisements are mostly posted in shops. We would recommend that you stay for the first few weeks in a hostel and then search for a place to stay when you arrive.

The official youth hostel is 2 minutes away from the Institut

Scottish Youth Hostel
8 Park Terrace, Glasgow G3 6BY
Tel:+44 141 3323004
Glasgow Youth Hostel


Euro Hostels
318 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4NR
Tel: +44 8455 399956

For students who have recently been accepted on to the internship programme, we can post a “room-wanted” advert on our notice board. Please email us the necessary details on an A4 page, ready to be printed directly (please also list specific requirements e.g. non-smoker/smoker etc).

​Easy Roommate

Glasgow Gumtree

Glasgow's West End
The Goethe-Institut considers the invitation to complete an internship as the establishment of a relationship of trust with the intern. It is thus considered understood that the intern will not compromise confidentiality. This non-disclosure applies to processes and events that are considered confidential or which concern employees personally or which, in their nature, are determined for the internal use of the Goethe-Institut. The confidentiality agreement extends beyond the completion of the internship.         
At the end of the internship the intern is to submit to their supervisor a short report on their experience, summarising the course and content of their internship as well as personal experiences and evaluation. The internship supervisor should preferably have the opportunity to carry out a feedback meeting with the intern. Before departure, interns can request a letter from the Goethe-Institut to confirm their participation in the internship programme in which it is certified during which period and department the intern was trained. As a general rule an evaluation of skills demonstrated does not take place.