Goethe V&A Residency

A-Clouds, Plane from Could Studies | Foto: Helmut Völtner ©Helmut Völter Victoria & Albert Museum ©Victoria & Albert Museum

The Goethe-Institut London and the Victoria & Albert Museum are collaborating on a new long-term residency programme, the Goethe V&A Residency. German artist Helmut Völter has been selected to be the first Goethe V&A Resident artist.

  • “View on Mt. Fuji”, from the book: Helmut Völter, The Movement of Clouds around Mt. Fuji | Foto (detail): Masanao Abe, Spector Books 2016 ©Helmut Völter
    View on Mt. Fuji
  • Exhibition view, “Masanao Abe: Mt. Fuji and Atmospheric Science”| Foto aus (Ausschnitt): ”Visions of Fuji: Fuji Paradigms”, Izu Photo Museum, Mishima/Japan, 2015 ©Izu Photo Museum, Mishima/Japan, 2015
    Visions of Fuji: Fuji Paradigms
  • “Handbook of Plants Growing Wild in the City”, showcase, 2009 | Foto (detail): Helmut Völter ©Helmut Völter
    Handbook of Plants Growing Wild in the City
During his time in London, Helmut Völter will continue his practice of researching the entanglements of fotographic images within the contexts of history, media, science and art, and of transforming this research into exhibitions and a book. Both the format of the book and the exhibition are not mere containers to convey information, but also stages to experiment with the aesthetic potential of the images. Fellow cultural practitioners and the general public will have a chance to engage with Helmut‘s work during the Goethe V&A residency in workshops, open studio sessions and talks.
Helmut Völter is a graphic designer and artist from Berlin. His book 'Cloud Studies' will be published in spring 2016 by Spector Books. Earlier books by Völter are Cloud Studies about the history of scientific cloud photography and Handbook of Plants Growing Wild in the City, a guide to the botany of cities. Völter’s book design has won several awards, including the Walter Tiemann Prize as well as a silver and a bronze medal in the competition “The Most Beautiful Books of the World“.