Goethe-Kino Une Jeunesse Allemande / Eine deutsche Jugend

Still: Une Jeunesse Allemande, Director Jean-Gabriel Périot Still: Une Jeunesse Allemande, Director Jean-Gabriel Périot

Wed, 25.04.2018


Goethe-Institut London

Looking back at the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, the film traces the development of the terrorist organisation Red Army Fraction (RAF) out of the student protests of the 1960s to the 1970s. One of the main targets of these protests was the powerful Springer publishing house. With its newspapers DIE WELT and BILD it propagated very conservative political views, attacking all that was “left-oriented”. The French director Jean-Gabriel Périot exclusively uses archival material, both from the political opposition and the mainstream media without any additional commentary. His position can be found in the way the material is edited. This results in a kaleidoscope of contradictions, the audience is left with the task of coming up with answers and explanations.

France / Switzerland / Germany 2015, 93 mins. With English subtitles. Directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot.

Jean-Gabriel Périot was born in 1974 in Bellac (France). He studied visual communication and completed an internship at the Centre Pompidou. He works as a video artist, cameraman, film editor and director. Moving between documentary, animation and experimental film, he is particularly interested in the themes of violence and history and often works with archival material. A German Youth is Périot’s first full-length film.

As director (a selection):

2015 Une jeunesse allemande
2014 Si jamais nous devons disparaitre ce sera sans inquiétude mais en combattant jusqu'à la fin
2014 We Are Become Death
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2013 Le jour a vaincu la nuit
2012 The Devil
2011 Looking At The Dead
2010 Les barbares

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