Film screening In Focus: Renate Sami 1

Portrait of Holger Meins © Renate Sami

Thu, 09.09.2021

6:30 PM

Goethe-Institut London

Oskar Langenfeld. 12 Mal
Holger Meins | 1966 | Germany | 12’ | 16mm

Hurrah für Frau E.
Günter Peter Straschek | 1967 | Germany | 7’ | 16mm

We All Die, The Main Thing However is How and How We Live. Holger Meins
(Es stirbt allerdings ein jeder, Frage ist nur wie und wie du gelebt hast. Holger Meins)
Renate Sami | 1975 | Germany | 60’ | 16mm

"Holger Meins started studying film in 1964. When he was arrested in 1970 he was working as a cameraman on diverse projects and had made a twenty-minute film on a homeless man that was highly esteemed by his fellow students. After leaving jail he became seriously engaged in the protest movement against the war in Vietnam and was again arrested in 1972. He was accused of being a terrorist and died in prison while on a hunger strike in 1974. He was thirty-three. In my film I interview some fellow students, a friend who lived with him for a while, a young woman who was part of a student group. Holger Meins and a fellow student were working on a film project aimed at helping the young ones articulate their problems and translate them into film." (Renate Sami)
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