Film screening In Focus: Renate Sami 2

Train Station © Renate Sami

Fri, 10.09.2021

8:30 PM

Goethe-Institut London

The Protection Foil
(Die Schutzfolie)
Renate Sami | 1983 | Germany | 8 mins | 16mm

“This film was produced to be included in a compilation of films against the construction of atomic bombs and nuclear power plants. Some trees and bushes, a clearing. A young man tries to wrap himself in a foil, and a girl who sings about love accompanies herself on a children’s bandoneon.” (Renate Sami)

Cesare Pavese Turin – Santo Stefano Belbo
Renate Sami & Petra Seeger | 1985 | Germany | 60 mins | 16mm

“Cesare Pavese was born in 1908 in Santo Stefano Belbo, a small town in the mountains between Turin and Genoa. He lived and worked in Turin, where he committed suicide in 1950. He was forty-two. These two places also play a part in his last two novels—Turin in Tra donne sole and Santo Stefano Belbo in La luna e i falò—and so we will walk through these two places, arriving at the station just like the main characters in both novels. There are two interviews—one with Massimo Mila, a writer and Pavese’s friend in Turin, the other with Pinolo Scaglione, a carpenter and cooper and his friend from childhood in Santo Stefano Belbo.” (Renate Sami)

when you see a rose
(wenn du eine rose siehst)
Renate Sami | 1995 | Deutschland | 4,5 mins | 16mm

"Under the spell of Cathy Berberian’s voice, scraps of melodies and poems in my head, in love with spring and summer’s flowers I walked through streets and gardens, pastures, fields and forests and by the end of that summer 1995 I had a little film which ends somewhat melancholically with some chords of Gustav Mahler's ‘Traveling Journeyman’s Songs’." (Renate Sami)
Book Tickets Through Eventbrite This programme will be preceded by a screening of From the Cloud to the Resistance (Dalla nube alla resistenza, FRA/ITA | 1979104 mins) at Ciné Lumière at 6.15pm. This film by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub is based on two texts by Cesare Pavese, Dialogues with Leucò (1947), and The Moon and the Bonfires (1950). Please visit the Ciné Lumière website for more information.

This programme is part of the series In Focus: Renate Sami.