Exhibition Ka'a Body: Cosmovision of the Rainforest

A Woman painted with red colour standing in front o a wall © Anita Ekman, Sandra Nanayna, 2019

Fri, 26.11.2021 -
Sat, 29.01.2022

Paradise Row

Curated by Sandra Benites and Anita Ekman

Paradise Row Projects presents a historic showcase of art, culture and thought by Indigenous Brazilian artists. It is the first international presentation of indigenous art and culture from Brazil staged by an indigenous curator. The exhibition explores the relationship between the body and territory as a way of establishing a dialogue between the indigenous and non-indigenous on the history of the forests and bodies, as well as the cosmologies of indigenous cultures.

The works featured span a rich variety of media, encompassing documented performance, film, photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture and traditional indigenous arts. Across works from 21 artists and collectives, the show places considerable emphasis on the practices of indigenous female artists, and the work of collectives and communities.

"Through the polyphony of voices, colours, and performances of the works that indigenous artists have contributed to the exhibition, ancestral lore crosses current episodes of resistance and points out the need to rethink the relationship between Earth Beings (humans and non-humans) so that efforts may be joined in ensuring the continuity of the diversity of life on the planet." – Sandra Benites (Curator)