Live Installation Lightwaves 2021: Cygnus - Electric Swan Ensemble

Illuminated installations of live-sized swans gliding on the water © 2021 Light Up The North

Fri, 03.12.2021 -
Sun, 12.12.2021

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Salford Quays

By Loomaland (Denis Bivour & Florian Giefer)

Featuring Swan Songs By Anil Sebastian

Lightwaves 2021 returns this December for a spellbinding 10 days – transforming the outdoor spaces at Salford Quays with a trail of illuminated works of art. The Goethe-Institut London is happy to support one of this year's programme highlights at the Lightwaves 2021 interactive light festival. 

CYGNUS is a poetic live installation on the water in which 12 life-size swans come together for a mysterious nightly roundelay. The birds are illuminated from the inside, gliding on the surface like ghosts and changing colours to the rhythm of the ethereal music that is coming from within their bodies. Turning away from the popular principle of 'Form follows Function', this installation accentuates the likewise important role of romanticism in this now dawning age of robots. 


Anil Sebastian with a gold coat

Anil Sebastian is a member of Icelandic band Hrím and the co-founder and director of London Contemporary Voices. Known for their unique voice and choral collaborations, they have worked with Alt-J, Manu Delago & Imogen Heap, as well as contributing three tracks to legendary Björk producer Guy Sigsworth’s debut album Stet. For Swan Songs, Anil has created a unique sound world that is cinematic yet unpredictable, using extended vocal techniques with AI-app “trAnSition” built in partnership with Japanese coder and synthesist Cherif Hashizume.