International Online Bookclub Meet the Author: Shida Bazyar

Book Cover: Drei Kameradinnen © Kiepenheuer & Witsch

Thu, 20.01.2022

6:00 PM GMT


Sisters in Arms (Drei Kameradinnen)

For our 14th international online book club meeting on 20th January, we've invited author Shida Bazyar to read her book Drei Kameradinnen (English translation: Sisters in Arms) with us.


Longlisted for the German Book Prize 2021.

Drei Kameradinnen is a stirring, uncompromising, and touching novel about the extraordinary alliance between three young women and the only thing that makes a self-determined life possible in a society that doesn’t tolerate otherness: unconditional friendship.

Hani, Kasih, and Saya have shared a deep friendship ever since they were kids growing up together on a housing estate. Years later the three young women meet again for a few days to pick up where they left off. But regardless of where they are or what they achieve, it becomes clear again and again that they can't escape the everyday racism that accompanies their daily lives: the glances, chatter, hatred, and outright rightwing terror. Their friendship provides a stable foundation, until one dramatic night shakes everything up.

Shida Bazyar shows what it means to be questioned, constantly and everywhere, because of one’s origins, but also how violence and ignorance can be met with solidarity

"Sisters in Arms is an immersive and thought-provoking read with a strong plot and relatable characters, and which explores urgent contemporary questions around racism and sexism in society."

Source: New Books in German

Shida Bazyar © Tabea Treichel ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Shida Bazyar, born in 1988, studied Creative Writing in Hildesheim, and, in addition to writing, worked in youth education for many years. Her debut novel Nachts ist es leise in Teheran came out in 2016, won the Blogger Literary Award, Ulla Hahn Prize, and Uwe Johnson Prize, among other awards, and has been translated into Dutch, Farsi, French and Turkish.


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