International Online Book Club Meet the Author: Daniel Schreiber

Book cover (extract): Allein © Hanser Literaturverlage

Tue, 17.05.2022

18:00 Uhr BST



For our 18th international online book club meeting on 17th May, we have invited author Daniel Schreiber to read his book Allein (Alone) with us.  


Never before have so many people lived alone, and never has there been a more elemental sense of how brutally a self-determined life can turn into loneliness. But could it be possible to be happy alone? And why, in a society of individualists, is living alone perceived as a shameful failure?

Drawing on his own experiences, philosophical and sociological ideas, Daniel Schreiber explores the tension between the desire for withdrawal and freedom and that for closeness, love and community. In doing so he illuminates the role friendships play in this mode of living: Can they be an answer to the loss of meaning in a crisis-ridden world?

A deeply illuminating book about the question of how we want to live.

Reading Sample (in German)


Daniel Schreiber © Christian Werner Daniel Schreiber, born in 1977, is the author of the Susan-Sontag-biography Geist und Glamour (2007) and the highly acclaimed and widely read essays Nüchtern (2014) and Zuhause (2017). He lives in Berlin. 
On Instagram: @thedanielschreiber



Everyone who wants to read and discover German literature, meet authors and share their reading experience with others - even if you haven't read the book yet. The book club will be held in German. All participants should have sufficient language skills to read and discuss in German.

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