Filmscreening A Wall Is A Screen

AWIAS Glasgow 2015 © Allan Whyte

Sat, 18.03.2017

20:00 - 21:30

AWIAS Meeting Point 2017

AWIAS Glasgow 2015

Both guided city tour and outdoor short film screening, Hamburg collective A Wall Is A Screen returns to Glasgow, inviting you to see your city in a whole new way. This guerrilla mobile screening takes over neglected spaces, familiar buildings and commercial facades for ten minutes of lovingly curated short film before moving on to the next location – the ultimate pop-up cinema!

When A Wall Is A Screen visited Glasgow in 2015, six hundred folk came together to watch the films on the streets of Glasgow. A great success for the collective and an impressive event for all visitors and Glaswegians alike.  Let’s see if the total attendees can be beaten this year.

Please come dressed for March weather, and bear in mind there may be points where the route is inaccessible to wheelchair users.  Detour directions will be provided.