Professional development day for primary teachers

Karla, the cockroach and Kai, the maybeetle ©Goethe-Institut London

Sat, 18.03.2017

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

3 Park Circus
G3 6AX Glasgow

postponed until further notice! Apolgies for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to invite you to take part in this training opportunity with Roma Franziska Schultz. Roma is Advisor for German at the Goethe-Institut London and a regular speaker at our Institut. She is the woman behind the Felix & Franzi teaching materials for primary German which has sometimes earned her the nickname Felix & Franzis Mama.
The conference offers some language practice, an update on our online programmes for German in the primary stages as well as a great variety of ideas and concepts to make teaching and learning relevant and fun. Expect a hands-on approach.
This event is also a good opportunity to meet colleagues from other schools, to build confidence and to exchange ideas and best practice examples.
Participants will be invited to refreshments and lunch. Conference language: English with German activity elements.
  • Introduction to “Deutsch mit Karla & Kai”, the Goethe-Institut’s follow up for older learners to the Felix & Franzi materials
  • Developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the primary classroom
  • Introduction to and trial of “The Language Magician”, a computer game and assessment tool for primary schools
Registration by 6 March 2017.
To register for the day please fill in the registration form below and send it to
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