Translators’ Stammtisch

Translator's Stammtisch CC0 Public Domain

Literary translators – and translators more generally – are often forced to spend the majority of their time alone, glued to their computers and/or dictionaries. Though many translators are very sociable creatures who enjoy passionate discussions about foreign languages, native tongues, culture, society, politics and (even) grammar! The Translators’ Stammtisch [German; a regular’s table, usually in a pub] is offers a monthly opportunity for literary translators (mainly working into English, though open to translators of all language combinations) to get together and discuss their work and other joys and issues related to literary translation. The theme of the (first) three meetings is “Dialects, vernaculars and other localisms”. Our first meeting will be preceded by a talk on the topic by Scottish literary translator Donal McLaughlin, followed by a Q&A and our first chance to meet and greet. We will warm up with a short exercise on translating dialects and then get a chance to share our own translations. All translators are invited to bring along an excerpt from their current work (up to 1000 words of work in progress, prose or poetry, destined for publication or for pleasure) to share and discuss and benefit from the hive-mind of emerging and experienced literary translators. Interested translators are also welcome to bring along textual examples of common issues, or theoretical work on the topic of translation, to discuss in a group.

The Translators’ Stammtisch is open to all translators and will meet on Tuesday, 7th March 2017 (with a talk by Donal McLaughlin), Thursday, 27th April 2017, and Tuesday, 16th May 2017, from 6.30pm to 8pm at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow.

If you are interested in attending one or all the meetings, please sign up on our Eventbrite page under Related Links.

The events are free to attend.

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