Convening Post-Cyber Feminist International

Post-Cyber Feminist International © ICA

Wed, 15.11.2017 -
Sun, 19.11.2017

ICA-Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Mall
SW1Y 5AH London

A five-day convening of techno-literate and politically informed feminist practitioners including artists, philosophers, writers, technologists and performers

Performance, talks, music, screenings and workshops will take place across ICA for its duration, laying a focus on experimentation, learning and the production of new writing and organising. This is presented by ICA in collaboration with Helen Hester and advisors Legacy Russell, Annie Goh and Nora Khan, confirmed participants include Rosi Braidotti and Xenofeminist collective Laboria Cuboniks.

The format and focus on production pays homage to The First Cyberfeminist International, organised by the collective The Old Boys Network (Documenta, Kassel, 1997). This 2017 convening accepts that the technomaterial conditions are now greatly changed and is premised on the assertion that we are now living after the Cyberfeminist’s imagined future, and that it is necessary to articulate a new radical gender politics fit for a fully-mediated era.

All activities will address the intersections of feminism and queer, critical race, decolonial and disability theories, in relation to the differential impact technologies can have upon women, queers and the gender non-conforming.

With an interest in ‘low’ technologies such as domestic labour saving devices, as well as higher profile innovations, technology will primarily be considered a social phenomenon – one that is constrained and
constituted by social relations.

Ideas being addressed: reproductive justice (both biological and social); alternative internets; feminist theories of the sound/race dyad; contemporary practices of biohacking and trans health activism; and the freedoms found for bodies of colour via the publics realised via the digital. In addition, we plan to host practical workshops on skills such as: building a Del-Em and constructing a mesh network.

Confirmed participants: Rosi Braidotti, Cornellia Sollfrank, E.Jane, Helen Hester, Laboria Cuboniks, Holly Herndon, Eleni Ikonadou, Martine Syms, Legacy Russell, Mary Maggic Tsang, Anne Goh & Marie
Thompson, The Church of Expanded Telepathy