Blended Learning Course A-Level Exam Preparation

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Sat, 13.01.2018 -
Sat, 24.03.2018

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Our blended learning exam preparation course offers an excellent way to prepare for the A-level examination at British schools or colleges. Feedback from previous courses shows that students could improve their examination results, gained the desired marks and could study the subject of their choice or were able to obtain an Erasmus grant to study on an exchange programme in Germany.

Blended learning offers students the opportunity to prepare for their exams according to their demands and needs. Students can choose how intense they would like to work on various modules, all of which contain exam relevant topics.

The course comprises:
5 classroom lessons at the Goethe-Institut London, online phases supported by a tutor, individual exercises and group activities, 2 to 3 hours studying per week

Module 1: Immigration und multikulturelle Gesellschaft
Classroom lesson: 13.01.2018, 1.15 PM–5.30 PM
Online phase I: 13.01.–20.01.2018
Online phase II: 20.01.–27.01.2018

Module 2: Rassismus, Diskriminierung und Gewalt
Classroom lesson: 27.01.2018, 1.15 PM–5.30 PM
Online phase III: 27.01.–03.02.2018
Online phase IV: 03.02.–10.02.2018

Module 3: Die Wiedervereinigung in Deutschland
Classroom lesson: 10.02.2018, 1.15 PM–5.30 PM
Online phase V: 10.02.–17.02.2018
Online phase VI: 17.02.–24.02.2018

Module 4: Gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen in Deutschland
Classroom lesson: 24.02.2018, 1.15 PM–5.30 PM
Online phase VII: 24.02.–03.03.2018
Online phase VIII: 03.03.–10.03.2018

Modul 5: Literatur, Film und künstlerische Kultur
Classroom lesson: 10.03.2018, 1.15–5.30 PM
Onlinephase IX: 10.03.–17.03.2018
Onlinephase X: 17.03.–24.03.2018

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