Competition Debating competition in German in co-operation with the British Council

Debating Competition Photo: © Symanzik

Mon, 20.11.2017 -
Tue, 27.03.2018

for secondary students

Expressing your opinion in your own language is not easy – expressing your opinion in German is even more difficult.

The successful format of the debating competition promotes learning a foreign language and develops communication skills.

The Goethe-Institut enables secondary school students to take part in a competition to engage in problems of the future. The competition facilitates the social interaction between secondary school students from different parts of the United Kingdom. 

The theme is Europe and involves young people in important issues such as the engagement of young people in politics, or whether the official language of Europe should be English.

There will be three rounds in which the participating schools compete against each other. The final will invite all students to a neutral environment in which the two winning teams will enter the final contest.

The Goethe-Institut provided useful phrases for the teachers at the schools to prepare their students and ensure that they can express themselves at an appropriate language level.
First round:               20th November – 1st December 2017
Second round:          1st February – 9th February 2018
Third round:              7th March – 9th March 2018
Finale:                       27th March at the British Council

Have a look at the video to see what a debate is about.