Film House without Roof

Haus ohne Dach ©missingFilms

Wed, 06.12.2017

Shetland Arts

ZE1 0WQ Shetland

Soleen Yusef / Germany, Iraq, Quatar 2016 / 117min / German with English subtitles

House without Roof follows the journey of three siblings, who were born in the Kurdish region of Iraq but grew up in Germany. They have grown apart over the years. With their mother’s death, however, they come together to fulfill her last wish, which to be buried next to their father who had died in the war under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Their nerve-wracking Odyssey to Kurdistan stimulates personal argument and reproach, but even in conflict they slowly manage to find heir way back to each other. Yet their personal journey unfolds against disquieting developments in their home country: amid an awful conflict that nobody can grasp, Kurdistan is heading towards disaster.

Event Series: FOKUS 2017/18