Film Marija

Marija ©RealFiction

Sat, 25.11.2017

Belmont Filmhouse

49 Belmont Street
AB10 1JS Aberdeen

Michael Koch / Germany, Switzerland 2016 / 100min / German with English subtitles

Marija, a young Ukrainian woman, earns her living as a hotel maid in Dortmund, but dreams of owning her own hair salon. She puts money aside each month, but when she is fired without notice, her dream seems out of reach. Without work and under financial pressure, she finds herself forced to look for other opportunities. Her body, her social relationships and her own feelings take a secondary importance to her goal. Michael Koch’s feature film debut is the portrait of a young woman who lives on the periphery of our production and consumer-oriented society, but does not accept the role of the victim. Demanding, determined and uncompromising, she fights to live a freer, self-determined life.

Event Series: FOKUS 2017/18