Conference Fading Memories

Fading Memroies - Einstiegsbild © Goethe-Institut. Design: Heike Sinn

Fri, 24.11.2017

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

Westersingel 9
3014 GM Rotterdam

Privacy and Data Ownership in the Digital Age

This international conference will tackle some of the most urgent questions concerning data ownership in the digital age.

Security and freedom are both basic rights that are not always compatible – especially when it comes to surveillance. How is a balance between those two poles possible?
Technological developments continue to present challenges to legislators, especially when International requirements rub up against national conditions. What are the opportunities and the limits of regulation by governments?
Searching, shopping, travelling – algorithms are everywhere. What are the consequences for our freedom of choice and our everyday lives?

  • Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius © Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius
    Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius will be the moderator of the conference. He is a researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam. His research interests include profiling, privacy, data protection, freedom of expression, and discrimination. In January 2018, Frederik will start a 2-year Marie Curie fellowship at the interdisciplinary Research Group on Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS), of the Free University Brussels (VUB). There he will focus on machine learning and automated profiling, and the risks of unfair and illegal discrimination in that context.
  • David Korteweg © Maarten Tromp
    David Korteweg is a researcher at the Dutch Digital Civil Rights Organization Bits of Freedom. He is concerned with, amongst other subjects, secret services, revision of European privacy rules and profiling. At the conference he will speak about “Identity in numbers: our behavior reduced to a statistical reality”.
  • Antóin Ó Lachtnáin © Antóin Ó Lachtnáin
    Antóin Ó Lachtnáin has been a director of Digital Rights Ireland, an online rights group which focuses on legal advocacy in relation to privacy since 2006. He will speak about “Citizen, Consumer, Producer, Product: the Place of the Person in the Early Digital Age”.
  • Heikki Heikkilä © Riitta Yrjönen
    Heikki Heikkilä is a media researcher, who has recently focused on surveillance and privacy. He is co-editor and contributor to the book “Journalism and the NSA Revelations: Privacy, Security and the Press” (IB Tauris, 2017). His other research interests pertain to audiences in the digital environment, media accountability, and civic participation. The topic of his speech will be “Surveillance, regulation & privacy”.
  • Rasmus Fleischer © Rasmus Fleischer
    Rasmus Fleischer, researcher at the department of economic history at Stockholm University, will speak to us about "The future of surveillance: advertising, credit scoring and national security".
  • Una Mullally © Una Mullally
    Una Mullally is a journalist and broadcaster living in Dublin. She primarily writes features and is interested in online trends, popular culture, television, feminism, LGBT issues. In her speech, entitled “The Content Chooses You”, she will shine a light on how algorithms know more about us than we do across our consumption of media and entertainment and more.
  • Kari Laumann © Datatilsynet
    Kari Laumann is Senior Social Scientist at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. She will speak about “Artificial Intelligence meets privacy” at the conference in November.
  • Charles Raab © Charles Raab
    Charles Raab is Professorial Fellow at the Politics and International Relations department of the University of Edinburgh, having held the Chair of Government from 1999 to 2007 and from 2012 to 2015. His main general research interests are in public policy, governance and regulation, and more specifically in information policy. He will be talking about “The Possibility of Privacy Regulation“.