Neue Welt: Radical Visions in New German Cinema

The Death of Maria Malibran © The Death of Maria Malibran

In line with its goal to work closely with local partners in London and to support young talent, the Goethe-Institut is pleased to collaborate with the MA in Film Studies, Programming and Curation at the National Film and Television School in working together with MA candidate David Perrin to present three programmes of Neue Welt: Radical Visions in New German Cinema, a six-part series also hosted by Close-Up Cinema.

Showcasing works by filmmakers, Alexander Kluge, the duo Jean-Marie Straub, and Danièle Huillet, Peter Nestler, Werner Schroeter, a student short by Wim Wenders, and Peter Handke this program will give UK audiences the chance to watch rarely shown works and to discover a rich and radically unique facet of West German cinema.
Each of these filmmakers represents a specific break with the ‘past’ – the past referring here to the so-called Papakino of the immediate postwar era in the 1940s and 1950s. Of interest here is how they all have, despite their individual stylistic idiosyncrasies and in some cases even fundamentally oppositional ideas about cinema, a unique vision of the aesthetic and political possibilities of the image. This program is interested in exploring how these filmmakers react, oppose, and complement one another, to mine their different sensibilities towards cinema.