Film The Death of Maria Malibran

The Death of Maria Malibran © The Death of Maria Malibran

Mon, 11.12.2017

Close-Up Film Centre

97 Sclater Street
E1 6HR London

Ecstatic, sublime, and endlessly strange Schroeters’ most celebrated film is series of tableaux depicting the life of the 19th century opera singer who supposedly died as a result of her overexertion on stage. Rich with literary and opera citations, exuding pure physicality, a mosaic of human expressions and gestures, juxtaposing operatic excess with kitschy pop music, scenes of pastiche Romanticism, and slapstick violence, the film remains a testament to the subversive potential of film as art.  

Introduced by Martin Brady, King's College London.

West Germany 1971, 104 min, colour, 16mm, German with English subtitles. Written and directed by Werner Schroeter. Cinematography by Werner Schroeter. With Magdalena Montezuma, Christine Kaufmann, Candy Darling.

This screening is part of the event series Neue Welt: Radical Visions in New German Cinema.