Competition for Primary Schools Christmas Competition

Felix and Franzi © Goethe-Institut London

Wed, 08.11.2017 -
Wed, 20.12.2017

Christmas time in Germany is special and possibly a little different from the UK’s traditions during the festive season. The film Christmas time in Germany explains mostly in pictures, what usually happens in Germany in December and can be used in your lessons. Teachers can print out the entry form for their pupils (versions with questions in English or German depending on what level is needed are downloadable). Pupils are supposed to watch the film at home again and answer the questions on the entry form in order to receive a small gift. They should add a greeting for Felix and Franzi in German. Teachers can either send their pupils’ entry forms to the Goethe-Institut in one batch or pupils send us their entries individually. We will send small presents via the schools to everyone doing his homework.

We can also recommend to use the song Winter ist es… in your lessons. If you like to sing both verses of the Christmas song with your pupils, you can find it in the cultural chapter Nikolaus and Christmas here.

You can find the film here. Just open the cultural chapter Nikolaus and Christmas to see the video.
You can find the film on Youtube as well.

A German version of the entry form can be found here: And an English version can be found here:  
Please send the filled out entry forms to:

Teacher Services
Goethe-Institut London
50 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2PH

Entry deadline is 20 December 2017.