Goethe-Kino Five Last Days

Still: Fünf Letzte Tage, Director Percy Adlon Still: Fünf Letzte Tage, Director Percy Adlon

Wed, 28.02.2018


Goethe-Institut London

The film shows the five days between Sophie Scholl’s arrest and her execution on 22 February 1943 as experienced by her cell neighbour Else Gebe. Brother and sister Scholl and their friends had started distributing leaflets - "The leaflets of the White Rose" - in protest against the Nazis. Though the film does not depart from the subjective narrative point of view of Else Gebel, the stripped-down, theatre-like approach gives room to Scholl’s thoughts, her convictions and joys.

Director Percy Adlon was interested in the moment of hope that still exists in the "madness of the exercise of power then and now", and which alone is the "daily chance of sympathy and helpfulness, for affection and human warmth."

West Germany 1982, 112 mins. Director: Percy Adlon

Percy Adlon was born in Munich in 1935. From 1954 to 58 he studied theatre studies, German philology, art history and drama. He worked for Bayerischer Rundfunk among other things as radio announcer, actor, editor of literature and author of documentary films. 1978 foundation of the company "pelemele". Awarded numerous national and international prizes. 

Complementing the screening of Five Last Days, we are showing the documentary The Resisters—Testimony of the White Rose (Die Widerständigen. Zeugen der Weißen Rose) on Tuesday, 27  February 2018. Please find more information here.

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