Traces of Resistance

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a Flaneur project by Fabian Saul

We are delighted to be working with Flaneur editor-in-chief Fabian Saul on the year-long research project Traces of Resistance. As part of the project Fabian will be visiting and investigating traces of resistance in urban environments and collective memories in Dublin, Newry, Glasgow, Carlisle and London. His findings will be transformed into vivid storytelling and featured in a dedicated print and online publication in 2019 .

Traces of Resistance is a fragmentary novel that draws lines between different stories of resistance connected by a single street in each chapter. Chapter by chapter, a fictional map evolves, in which the Kantstraße in Berlin is directly linked to the market of Tangier, the majestic Stadiou of Athens is just around the corner of the Majdan Square. The anecdote is not used here to support the canonical narrative, but develops its own narrative in which resistance (aesthetic, political, spatial, performative) becomes a universal humanistic engine that overcomes the mere local context.
The stories are collected, sorted and discussed together with local artists, activists and academics. Under the impression of a resurgent nationalism and facing a severe European crisis, Traces of Resistance is also the attempt of a multi-perspective European narrative. Streets, as spaces of collective memory, in London, Carlisle, Glasgow, Newry and Dublin tell of demarcations, their overcoming, independence and dependencies and, in particular, how to read the post-colonial and post-industrial heritage in urban space.

See below information to find out more about Fabian's journey and findings along the different legs of the project in Ireland and the UK.

Fabian Saul © Pedro Ruiz Fabian Saul

is the editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine, a nomadic, multi-disciplinary and award-winning publication focusing on one street per issue. Since its inception, it has morphed into a collaborative cultural platform that redefines a street’s space-time continuum by embracing its complexity, its layers, and its fragmented nature through a literary approach.