'Deutsche Runde' Is German becoming too difficult (even for native speakers)?

Is German becoming too difficult? free for commercial use

Thu, 30.05.2019

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

3 Park Circus
G3 6AX Glasgow

German, like all living languages, is subject to constant change. But – are these changes always for the better? Our final ‘Deutsche Runde’ session is devoted to new German words and other features of the language and we will explore issues that currently cause controversy among native speakers. In addition, you will find out about valuable language resources for spelling, grammar and memorising new vocabulary. Don’t worry – as always, your active participation is encouraged and this session will certainly prepare you for your next holiday in a German-speaking country!          

'Deutsche Runde' is an informal gathering and exchange around a chosen topic of German language or culture. It is ideal for learners with some knowledge of German (B1 and higher). We meet once a month on a Thursday afternoon.

Event Series: Deutsche Runde