Film Screening Le Genou d’Artemide + Le streghe, femmes entre elles + L'Inconsolable + La Madre

La Madre © BELVA Film

Sat, 06.04.2019

4:15 PM


This screening brings together four films Jean-Marie Straub made, based on Cesare Pavese’s Dialogues with Leucó.
In Le Genou d’Artemide (Artemide’s Knee), the hunter Endymion becomes aware that his eternal love for the goddess of hunting Artemide is nothing but the painful realisation of a never-ending struggle. In Le streghe, femmes entre elles  (The Witches, Women among Themselves) , Circé tells the goddess Leucò of the night she spent with Ulysses in a conversation about love and mortality, while in L'Inconsolable (The Inconsolable One), one of the most beautiful of these films, Orpheus recounts his return from the world of the dead. La Madre (The Mother), the last film in this series, is based on one of Pavese’s most terrifying texts, a conversation about fear, anger and hope.

Artemide's Knee and The Witches will be shown on new 35mm prints.

Le Genou d’Artemide, Artemide's Knee, Dir: Jean-Marie Straub, Italy/France, 2008, 35mm, 26 mins., in Italian with English subtitles.

Le Streghe - femmes entre elles, The Witches, Women among Themselves, Dir. Jean-Marie Straub, France/Italy, 2009, 35mm, colour, 21 mins., in Italian with English subtitles.

L'Inconsolable, The Inconsolable One, Dir Jean-Marie Straub, Italy, 2011, MiniDV, colour, 15 mins., in Italian with English subtitles.

La Madre, The Mother, Dir: Jean-Marie Straub, Italy, 2012, HD, colour, 20 mins. 9 sec., in Italian with English subtitles.

Presented as part of The Films of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet