Escape room Netagents – Find the Hacker

Netagents – Find the Hacker © Goethe-Institut London

Sun, 30.06.2019

Goethe-Institut London

50 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road
SW7 2PH London

Find the anonymous hacker! This game, inspired by escape rooms, will encourage you to use your German while boosting your detective and teamwork skills.

Equipped with iPads, players will become agents on the hunt for an anonymous hacker. The main questions are: Who is the hacker and where is he now? To get to the bottom of this the players will need to discover hidden clues and solve riddles in the game. Communication and team work are the key to success. The fictitious hunt for the hacker becomes an exciting cultural expedition into the world of young people in Germany.
The topics range from festival culture in Germany to hip-hop, veganism and current sport trends. This game in the format of an escape room is sure to inspire curiosity to discover more about Germany and promotes the fun of learning the German language.

Game duration: 60-75 minutes
For German learners at A2 language level and above

Family Friendly
Age 12+

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This event is part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival.
It will also take place one day earlier .