Performative Reading Falk Richter's 'Welcome to Paradise Lost'

Farid Ud-Din Attar's The Conference of the Birds ©

Sat, 29.06.2019

Goethe-Institut London

50 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road
SW7 2PH London

presented by Gate Theatre

With much delight we will be hosting the Gate Theatre’s Young Associates who will perform a rehearsed reading of Falk Richter's Welcome to Paradise Lost.

Set off on the journey, all together, everyone, now.
We are what no one can imagine.
A force,
if we all take this same path together,
shake off our ego,
our egotism,
our fears,
our lack of courage,
our indifference.
All of us together are this saviour that we’re looking for.

The birds are holding a conference.
They are coming from all over the world.
They are going in search of the legendary Simurgh, the king of all beings.
They say we need to change everything.
But the humans might not join the conference.
There are so many reasons not to start the journey.
And time is running out.

The award winning German playwright skilfully adapts and updates Farid du-Din Attar's Persian epic from the 12th century for today. Asking powerful questions about society’s relationship to each other and the environment, this angry, urgent and ultimately hopeful play forces us to look at the world and act.

Play translated by David Tushingham.

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Portrait Falk Richter Falk Richter is a German playwright and author. His works have been translated into 30 languages and are performed on various international stages. He was appointed "Director of the Year" by the German magazine Theater heute ("Theatre Today") in August 2018. He also obtained the "Hörspielpreis der Akademie für Künste" for his earlier works in 2001. This January, he was awarded the "Special Teddy Award" by the Berlinale film festival. Richter currently maintains a professorship for Performing Arts at Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.