Filmscreening Sound of Heimat

Sound of Heimat 3Rosen Filmverleih, DIF, © Christian Hüller

Mon, 24.06.2019

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

3 Park Circus
G3 6AX Glasgow

Sound of Heimat

Sound of Home

The musician Hayden Chisholm, a New Zealander with Scottish ancestors, travels through Germany in search of a kind of music that seems to have been long forgotten by the Germans – real folk music.

The film will be introduced by Alasdair Roberts, an acclaimed Scottish folk musician, renowned songwriter and interpreter of traditional music.

The road movie takes Hayden from Cologne to Bavaria, Vogtland and the Ore Mountains, to the Buchenwald memorial and to Flensburg. Hayden Chisholm and the two filmmakers discover a lively, true-to-life, unique and productive music scene, where anything stuffy and lifeless is foreign. Real folk music still exists, far removed from the trash and kitsch that is disseminated regularly on German television shows and musical request programmes.

35mm, colour, 93 minutes, 2010/11
Directors and concept:  Arne Birkenstock, Jan Tengeler.

Alasdair Roberts

Born in Germany and raised in central Scotland, Alasdair Roberts is a Glasgow-based musician – primarily a songwriter, singer, guitarist and interpreter of traditional songs. Acclaimed by Folk Radio UK as 'one of our most talented, important and relevant songwriters and song-adapters', he has released several critically acclaimed albums of his music via Drag City Records over the past two decades, featuring both self-written material and interpretations of the traditional song of Scotland and beyond. He enjoys a wide range of collaborations and has toured extensively both in the UK and worldwide both solo and with various musical companions. His most recent album, What News (a collection of eight traditional Scots ballads made in collaboration with pianist David McGuinness and electronic musician Amble Skuse) was released in March 2018 on Drag City Records; September 2019 will see the release of The Fiery Margin, a new album of self-written material.