Virtual Studio Visit New Forms of Togetherness - Virtual studio visit

New Forms of Togetherness © studio Nüssli+Nuessli

Wed, 28.04.2021

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


with visual artist Marion Carré.

Marion Carré is one of the three artists selected for our digital residency programme 'New Forms of Togetherness', in partnership with the Alliance Française Glasgow and the Institut Français d'Ecosse.

During the virtual studio visit Marion Carré will introduce her artistic practice and processes. She will give an insight about the digital residency 'New Forms of Togetherness'.

The digital studio visit will be featured on the Goethe-Institut Glasgow Facebook page and the Alliance Française Glasgow Instagram channel.

'New Forms of Togetherness' is a digital residency which will contribute to the interdisciplinary discourse between artists and partners around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. The remote residency will allow the artists to continue to work from their own space with the digital support of our partners: the National Library of Scotland, the Social Brain in Action Lab, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and the NEoN Festival of Digital Arts. A dialogue will be created around artificial intelligence, between the artists, the partners and an online audience.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the discussion around the use of Artificial Intelligence from an interdisciplinary perspective and to make the discourse around AI technology accessible to a wider public. Artists will be working collaboratively and they are asked to deliver their final outcome within the year 2021.

Marion Carré Marion Carré

Marion Carré carries out several activities in parallel: entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, author and artist. All of these approaches allow her to explore the relationships between art and artificial intelligence from different angles. She started working on this subject when she co-founded Ask Mona in 2017. Ask Mona is a startup that mobilizes artificial intelligence to bring audiences and cultural institutions together and to help make culture more accessible. 

Gradually, she led in parallel a more theoretical exploration of the subject which she shared through talks, teaching and a book entitled ‘Art and Artificial intelligence. Artist in the making?' published in March 2020. She also explores this art / artificial intelligence dialectic from the angle of creation. After learning how to code by herself, she added a new tool to her artistic practice: machine learning. 

She believes that art is a formidable counterweight to artificial intelligence. She explores through her work the sum of subjectivities that make up our relationship to reality. As artificial intelligence encodes our knowledge by learning from it to reproduce our reasoning on a larger scale, it reveals our perception of the world around us.  

This project is funded and supported by our partners and the Franco-German Cultural Fund.