Reading and Discussion Anke Stelling - Higher Ground (Schäfchen im Trockenen)

Anke Stelling © Nane Diehl

Thu, 06.05.2021


The author, Anke Stelling, in conversation with translator Lucy Jones. With simultaneous interpretation from German into English by Ross Winters-Nicholl.

Anke Stelling's character Resi should have guessed that subletting from friends was not the safest form of housing, because where do the boundaries of friendship end? It is a well-known cliché that money and friends don’t mix. In Resi's case, the relationships between her old clique have become so fragile over the years that Frank is inclined to sort it out for once and for all, including his old flat lease. Resi should have known that when they all started having children, her friends would gradually move towards property ownership and keeping themselves to themselves and she, as a relative up-and-comer would have to watch from the sidelines and work out how to keep up.
Anke Stelling talks to her translator Lucy Jones about social differences and gentrification in Berlin as well as how these questions translate into other languages and cultural contexts.
The event will take place in German with simultaneous English interpretation by Ross Winters-Nicholl

Anke Stelling, Schäfchen im Trockenen, Verbrecher, 2018
Anke Stelling, Higher Ground (transl. Lucy Jones), Scribe Publications, 2021

Watch the live stream here with simultaneous interpretation into English

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